Sticky Stars Project

The Project

What is Sticky Stars?

Do you wake up in the morning and in the first ray of sunshine feel like you may burn and smoke like a vampire?

Do you spend hours and hours in your room playing your imaginary guitar with a pair of dark sunglasses and a top hat, thinking of being on a stage in Glastonbury?

Do you know the secret of a five-finger hit heart explosion and you do not feel comfortable without your invincible katana made by Hattori Hanzo?

Do you feel like a superstar but you have never told anyone?
Now you can say it with a picture!

Search in the Sticky Stars characters’ gallery and find the one you think represent you better!

Then find the product to print it on:
you can proudly wear it on the case of your smartphone or, if you are not ready yet to coming out to the world, you can print it on a poster, frame it and hang it in your room or office.